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Watch Out For The 4 Most Common Mistakes In Website Design

A successful website can be very beneficial for helping your business to attract masses of online, targeted traffic. Without the help of a expert website design company (see – small business web design ), creating a website capable of this can be hard to achieve. This is because setting up a successful site is much more than finding a good domain name and using impressive graphics.

However, to make a site which is profitable you need a lot more than this. Sites which are of a poor quality will in fact only serve to do your business more harm than good.

Check out 4 of the most common mistakes that people tend to make with their web design:

1.It looks like their competitors.

The entire purpose of a website, is to stand out from your competitors! When you copy the look or content of a site, you are treading dangerous ground. You ought to want to create a website that’s a reflection of your own brand, ideals and services. So, be sure to show what unique advantages your business has to offer – beginning with a unique site.

2.There is no SEO.

This really is perhaps the single, biggest mistake to make of all. An ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ website means nothing if it isn’t fully search engine optimised. Creating a website and then sitting back and waiting for people to come to you, will lead to your site doing nothing other than collecting virtual dust.

If you’d like to attract targeted masses of website traffic to your site – good SEO and an integrated social networking strategy are what you need. Fortunately, many good web design companies will be able to offer you SEO as part of your design package (see – site design services ).

3.It is too complicated.

Search users want to land on a site that’s simple to use and navigate. Ideally, you’ll need every visitor to your site to instantly know what it is that your business offers. Unfortunately, too many websites are over-complicated, with the business opting for all the ‘whistles and bells’ that are available to them rather than making their website clean and easy to follow.

Give prospective customers what they want; an easy to use and attractive website that gives them the information they need.

4.The content is of poor-quality.

Poor-quality content will not help your website to rank well within the search engines or attract much traffic. If you want your website to catch the attention of search users and search engines alike, you need to ensure that it’s both high-quality and unique.

Having said that, it is important to not make the mistake of over-filling your site with masses of content and pictures. Remember – you want your website to be an easy-to-follow and useful guide for search users to enjoy.

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