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Is Your Website Driving Away Your Visitors?

So when a website visitor arrives at your website, do you know what things really annoy them the most? No idea?

Well if the visitor leaves your website quickly, no matter what you sell, the service you offer or whatever you have to say means nothing – if they are gone!!

A few things you really must exclude form your site to avoid being really annoying to your visitors.

The first turn off factor to most website visitors is that really annoying flashing header. Whilst your design and coding skills may be top notch, that means nothing if your work annoys your visitor.
Often we like the look of the revolving images and the overall graphic image being represented, but too much activity on the header real estate of a site can be too distracting.

Webmasters sometimes forget that their website design should send a message to the visitor that should reflect the website topic and not the programmer’s skill level.

Is your website annoying others? Find our now.

An easy method to see if your website is annoying your visitors is to run through this easy checklist.


Searching the internet for the top 5 things people find annoying on the internet we find the following list;

Large font size – ideal if you are designing and building a website for people with disabilities or Accessibility issues but if not – you are sending a message you are shouting at people!

Small font size – is your font too small to read easily? Do your visitors need to enlarge the font on the screen? If so that is annoying!!

Popup windows – Aghhh.. don’t we all hate those annoying pop overs and pop unders?  Many tools now block these annoying popup windows but many web masters keep using them.

Background music – music playing when you open a website is so 80’s. Unless you are operating an online internet radio station or sell music CDs, why play a midi/wav file in the background continuously on every page?

Navigation Issues – we hear often about someone who visited a website but left because they couldn’t navigate and find the information they wanted. Can your visitors easily navigate your website?

I am sure we all have other particular pet hates about websites – some of us don’t like certain colors, or color blends, some dislike white writing on black websites.

No matter what you dislike about a website, chances are you are not alone.

Ask your friends and family what they honestly think of your website, and listen to what they say!

Put your ego aside and listen.

Remember we all want more visitors to our website, make sure yours isn’t driving people away.