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Exactly What Does SEO Do?

“What is SEO?” you might ask. Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a complicated, constantly changing process, engineered to get your web pages to land Top 10 in Google (the 1st page) whenever someone uses Google to look for what you do. And do not forget that’s 90 % of Australian online searches.

The sole consistent thing about the way search engines decide whether your net pages land on their first page is that what works well today probably won’t work so well tomorrow.

That’s why you want experienced search promoting executives who keep their fingers on the heart beat of the major search engines. If Google hiccups, we all know about it. If Yahoo! Gets stubborn, we’ll coax those rankings back to the 1st page.

Working with search websites is a long-term, high maintenance relationship and we are dedicated to handling that relationship so you do not have to, and at an investment you can feel OK about.

A rather more efficient form of advertising

In answering the question,”What is Search Engine Optimisation?” we answer S.E.O is only the newest method of promotion. The difference is that SEO is much less expensive, more cost effective and lots more efficient.

Why? Because in advertising, whether or not it’s papers, TV, radio or phonebooks “you are paying to have your message sent to thousands, or many thousands, of customers.

The reality is you just need to get to the folk who need your goods right now. Today. As an example, in my area, there are around 160 folks who require carpet laying everyday. But if you publicize in the paper you will be paying them to take your message to over 500,000 folks. It is a really wasteful way to publicize.

Even a moderate 10 cm x 3 column is going to cost you $800-$1200 each Saturday. That’s anywhere between $3000 and $4800 every month of your life. But you can optimise your website for a bit less than $500 a month.

Here’s why SEO is the best method of promotion

  • Because 90 % of Australians use Google when they search for something online:
  • It makes much more sense to get your internet site landing Top 10 in Google search results.
  • It makes much more sense to target your promotion only at the people who need your services.

It makes much more sense to spend $400 and reach more folk than if you spend $2500.

By John Wright. Read more: contact us or for more info.

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