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A Step-By-Step Guide For Embedding Facebook Posts


Add some flare to your blog posts with embedded Facebook posts!

In the past, small business owners that wanted to reference a Facebook post in a blog post had no choice but to simply include a link to that Facebook post in their blog entry. Now,if you haven’t heard, Facebook posts can be embedded directly into your blog entries! In this Facebook Training tip, we’ll go over how to embed a Facebook post and what makes this such a great feature.

How to Embed a Facebook Post

In order to embed a post, you must be directly on the Facebook page that originally posted it. So if you want to embed something that was shared on your newsfeed, go to the Facebook page of the original poster to find it.

Once you have selected the post that you want to embed, hover over the top right corner of the post to find a gray arrow, which can be clicked to bring up a drop-down menu. At the bottom of this menu is the option “Embed Post”.

Embedding Posts

When selected, an already highlighted embed code will be revealed. Copy this embed code. This is what you will be inserting into your blog post.

When on your WordPress blog’s post, select the “TEXT” tab instead of the “Visual” tab to insert this embed code. Insert it in to your post where you want it to be, and you are done! When the post is published, the Facebook post will be embedded in it. When you embed the content, clicking on it takes you to the original content on Facebook.

How to use this feature

Embedding Facebook posts is an excellent way to liven up your blog post. By embedding the Facebook post that you are referring to, you are not only saving your reader the hassle of needing to leave your page to see it (which is also bad for you!), but you are making the blog post more aesthetically pleasing in the process.

Furthermore, you can embed your own Facebook posts! So if you post something clever on Facebook that you want to elaborate on with a blog post, you can do so with embedding.

All the likes, comments and shares will be right there in your blog post too! If a video is embedded within the Facebook post, then it will be part of what gets embedded onto your blog post and playable right there too.

The possibilities are endless! Give Facebook post embedding a try today!

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