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29 Prime Review: It’s Time To Start Using GooglePlus

Google Plus is still a very new option for businesses to use when social networking, but if they aren’t already on the bandwagon – now is the time. It provides a variety of ways for businesses to either market to or build a relationship with their customers along with conducting business. The network is extremely helpful in search engine optimization since it was designed by a search engine- Google. It also allows Google to gain more information about users and improve their search results. Make sure that you provide as much information as possible when setting up your Google Plus account to optimize your page and increase your Internet presence.

Google +’s most distinguishing feature is that it provides users with the ability to video chat. It also allows users to plan “hangouts” which is essentially a video conference call. Business owners can use this to conduct meetings or to reach out to several consumers at once. It allows for a more intimate experience than what is available on Facebook or Twitter.

Businesses will make a Google + Page instead of a profile. The advantage of having a Page is that it has a +1 button that allows users to share your content with their Google + friends. It is very important that businesses use buttons like this in all of their content – blogs, websites, articles, etc. People are much more likely to share your content if it only requires the click of a button and it will allow you to reach a much larger audience.

Google Plus was meant to share photos on so make sure you share a lot of them since they can be optimized. Choose pictures that are visually appealing and that will get people talking. You can also add links that you recommend onto your page so make sure you post as many as you can. Utilize this space to guide visitors to your website or your blog. You can also use your website or blog to promote your Google Plus page so people will add your business to their circles. You may want to also simply ask people to share your posts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google +, you may be wondering what all of this “circles” talk is about. Google + allows you to separate fellow users into different circles so that you can share the most relevant information with those who want to see it. For example, you may want to have your circles be customers, staff, and buyers. You can also use Google Analytics to track how your page is benefiting you.

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