Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 Promises Five Times More Processing Power Than The Original

Microsoft unveiled the second iterations of its Surface Book 2 hybrids Tuesday–two years after the release of the original Surface Book. The new Surface Books are more like standard laptops than other Surface hybrids (like the Surface Pro ), in that their keyboards are solid–not fabric–and contain batteries and […]

Intel debuts a deep-learning AI chip to battle Nvidia

In what looks like a repeat of its loss to Qualcomm on smartphones, Intel has lagged graphics chip (GPU) maker Nvidia in the artificial intelligence revolution. Today Intel announced that its first AI chip, the Nervana Neural Network Processor , will roll out of factories by year’s end. Originally […]

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs will build new smart city development in Toronto

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs smart cities subsidiary said today it will work with the city of Toronto to develop 800 acres of waterfront land into a new, tech-driven, urban space. The new project, called Sidewalk Toronto, will cost more than $1 billion in the end, estimates the Wall Street Journal […]

Naming Things In CSS Grid Layout

When first learning how to use Grid Layout, you might begin by addressing positions on the grid by their line number. This requires that you keep track of where various lines are on the grid, and also be aware of the fact the line numbers reverse if your site […]

Kind’s Foundation Is Investing $20 Million To Teach Kids Empathy

Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of snack bar giant Kind , is a Mexican immigrant. His father was a Holocaust survivor. So when he started his business in 2004 with the name Kind, he envisioned it as a way to–besides sell food–encourage people around the world to be kinder to […]

The Crosswalk Of The Future Moves And Changes To Prioritize Pedestrians

In the Starling Crossing, cameras monitor the street from each end, using the data and machine learning to identify whether someone is on a bike, or walking, or driving a car or truck, calculating the speed and trajectory of each road user. If you step on the curb on […]

How Project Jacquard Created A Smarter Jacket

The Commuter Trucker jacket is the first product released by Project Jacquard, the joint effort between Levi’s and Google to create the first mass-produced article of connected clothing. Our November 2017 article, “Google And Levi’s Stitch Up A Connected Jacket,” describes how an innovative textile allows people to control […]

Arianna Huffington wants to keep your Facebook use under control

Here at the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live conference in Laguna Beach, the very first speaker was Arianna Huffington. And the very first question that the Journal’s Dennis Berman asked her was about Uber, where she is a board member who has been especially prominent as CEO Travis Kalanick stepped […]

We Need A Better Way To Get Lithium, The Element Powering The EV Revolution

Electric vehicles make up just 1% of the car market today, but by 2040, experts are predicting half of all cars sold will be electric. Volvo has pledged to only manufacture EVs or hybrids from 2019 on ; Volkswagen wants to release 30 new EV models by 2030. What’s […]

ThirdLove spent a year designing a bra you can sleep in

ThirdLove, the four-year-old bra company founded by ex-Googler Heidi Zak, is known for its very deliberate approach to product design. Rather than launching cute new bras every season like, say, Victoria’s Secret, the company does extensive user testing to determine what consumers need. That’s how the company became the […]

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