Zuck wants Facebook on your face: Patent shows augmented reality glasses design

Mark Zuckerberg has been clear and outspoken about his belief that some type of glasses will eventually replace smartphones as our go-to computing device. Facebook is already spending R&D resources on developing those stylish glasses. Today we see a new patent that offers some clues: The AR glasses design […]

Can Ionic Materials Design A Rechargeable Battery That Unseats The Lithium-Ion?

Most of the world is betting on lithium-ion as the future of batteries–Elon Musk for one. When fully up and running in 2020, Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is expected to churn out 50 million kilowatt hours of lithium-ion power packs a year–enough for plenty of Model 3s and home Powerwall […]

Can We All Agree That Plastic Straws Are Totally Unnecessary?

We suck. Some of us suck more than others, but really, we all do, or have at sometime. We suck because collectively, we toss 28 billion pounds of plastic into the oceans each year. We suck because those bits of floating trash, like six-pack rings and soda bottles, are […]

Getty’s Thousands Of New Stock Photos Will Make You Rethink Gender Norms

A picture is worth much more than a thousand words. Neuroscientists from MIT recently discovered that the human brain can process entire images in just 13 milliseconds, much faster than the 100 milliseconds studies had estimated. They also found that the brain can extract meaning just as rapidly, even […]

This Is How I Managed To Finally Squeeze Meditation Into My Busy, Distracted Life

It’s not easy to achieve a state of zen on a bumpy Megabus on the highway in Northern New Jersey. But it doesn’t stop me from trying. I’m hell-bent on keeping a promise I made to myself: I’m going to make mindfulness a part of my daily routine. You’ve […]

From Brain Foods To Addressing Charlottesville: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week, we explored what it’s like to spend a week adjusting your diet to fuel your brain (not just your body), which interview answers hiring managers just can’t abide, and how management guru Peter Drucker might have counseled business execs after the events in Charlottesville last weekend. These […]

Can Connecting Rent To Income, Not Market Rates, Change The Affordability Of Cities?

When Bill de Blasio became mayor of New York City in 2014, he made no secret of his intent to place affordable housing at the center of his term. Not long after his election, he rolled out his Housing New York plan–a 10-year strategy to build or preserve around […]

Web Development Reading List: Announcing Changes, A Design Kit, DNA Malware, And Why Meaning Is An Advantage

0 Comments Many companies try to create a great experience for customers. But few are willing to make the changes required to deliver on that promise. In fact most don’t even realize just how bad their experience can be. This is why we made a new book called “User […]

The Tor Project won’t censor the Daily Stormer—here’s why

After Google, GoDaddy, and Cloudflare booted the neo-Nazi site from their services, the Daily Stormer fled to the dark web, where it could only be accessed by the Tor browser. Some have called on the Tor Project, which is responsible for maintaining the Tor browser (but not the sites […]

Toyota Shames Teen Drivers, Ikea Goes “Game Of Thrones”: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

There are times when I look around and can’t imagine what it would be like to have even half the technology available to teens in 2017 when I was growing up. Sure, I had the internet (sort of), but the freedom and fun wrought by the almighty smartphone is […]

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